The United Arab Emirates children’s Drawing Project on the Year of Zayed has been developed within the framework of the Art Al Ain’s programme which is based on a strategy that aims to provide young people with the information, knowledge and values of the figure of late Sheikh Zayed. To reach its goal, Art Al Ain works in partnership with Schools from all over the United Arab Emirates.

Drawings will be exhibited in Art Al Ain 2019 and in The Global Art Awards 2018. 

Each drawing will be for sale at 150AED/US$40. All the money funded will be donated to the Al Fara'a Foundation.

The theme will be the “Year of Zayed” and children must be between 4-14 years old and will have until 1 October 2018 to submit their entries.


If you wish to participate:

1. Children between 4-14 years old.

2. Download and Print the Official A4 Template  [click here]

3. Draw late Sheikh Zayed and/or the values his figure represents. (color pencils, painting, daks, crayons, pen, ... allowed). Don't forget to sign your artwork.

4. Send us your original drawing. Your drawing will be exhibited in Art Al Ain, The Global Art Awards and more.